The Twisted Mind of Tina B

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It was a just a medium sized notebook, hidden at the back of my Mistress’s underwear drawer.


So of course I had to read it.


I'm a snooping little bitch, aren't I?  Wait!  Don't answer that!  Doesn't a girl have the right to know everything about her partner, her Mistress, her lover?  If She would just TALK to me, I wouldn’t have to sneak around like this - right?  So it’s HER fault.  All of it.

It was just a cheap little notebook - not Her usual penchant for fancy stuff (for Her, not for me).  Which made something prick up in my mind.


As I slipped it out, I realized it wasn't new.  Could it be my Mistress' secret diary, where She wrote all the sweet things She couldn't say to me in person?  My heart jumped as I flipped it open.


And got a punch in the gut.


It WAS all there.  Page after page of things she wanted to do to me.  In graphic detail - some even with crude drawings of how they would work.  Punishing.  Torturing.  And yes, loving, but mostly not.


And then She found out.  I don’t know how, but She was pissed at me and at the same time kind of smirky-happy, as if I had given Her permission to go wild, to do whatever She wanted.


So she coerced me into making a deal.  Some punishment was involved - an appallingly long motorized bastinado of my weeping soles while She went off and had a nice bath - and in the end, of course, I gave in.  I could take any of the ideas I wanted and make stories about them, and if the stories sold well enough, She’d cross them off the list.  But if they DIDN’T sell, She would do them ALL to me, one after another.  After another.


I don’t know if I believe her, but I sure hope You like them.  Because if you don’t, I’m well and truly FUCKED.  




I know I’m just being a silly, stupid slut, but I NEED this. I’ll do anything for you, no matter how debasing or demeaning.  


You want me to crawl?  OK, here I am crawling over to you.  You want me to take off my top?  (struggling with the stretchy material)  OK, there I am, topless.  And going back to crawling.

What?  You want me to take my skirt off??  OK, OK, here I am kneeling, trying to push my tight little skirt down.  Wait!  You want the panties TOO?  OK, OK. Nothing left but my heels.  Is that OK with you?


Crawl on my belly?  You really want to debase me, don’t you?  OK, OK, OK!  




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