The Twisted Mind of Tina B

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When the girl answered the doorbell, there were two young men standing there.

An hour later, deep in the cellar, Mistress catches two working the girl over.

“We were just . . .”

“Yeah, we didn’t hurt her or anything . . .”

“. . . playing around . . .”

“We weren’t gonna . . .”

Mistress’ voice cut through it.  “Bring me a gag.”

“NOOOOOOooooooooooo,” I heard myself whisper tearfully.  “They aren’t any good.  They can’t do it.  They don’t know . . . We have to stop this . . .”

“Shhhhhhh,” Mistress murmured, stroking my back.  “We’ll see about that.” 

She roughly turned me away from her to face the brunette one, standing there, smirking, a gag in his hand.  And not just any gag.  Attached to the back of the thick leather strap was a five inch dildo.  A thick one.

I began shaking with fear, my tearing eyes locking on his beseechingly.  Behind me, Mistress said sternly "Is that what you want?"

As the boy nodded, almost grinning, I opened my mouth to beg him not to, a wavering cry that he muffled by simply shoving the dildo into my mouth.  My head tried to jerk back, hitting Mistress' chest.  Pinned there, the boy shoved the fucking dildo into my throat, the leather slamming into my lips as my body contorted, choking, my arms heaving uselessly against rhe cuffs.

Reaching behind me, his body heavy against mine, he fumbled with the strap.  Suddenly yanked it brutally tight, the leather smashing my lips against my face painfully as I made humming pleas.  Tried to relax and ride the gag.  With difficulty.

Stepping back, he jabbed a hard punch into my right breast, flattening it against the chest bones as I groaned and choked into the gag, sagging forward as the pain exploded in my tit.

"Ya like that, don cha slut," he sneered. I tried to beg him NOOOOO, shaking my head, but the dildo poked at my throat, making me cough and gag.

"Do we need something else?" Mistress asked the blond kid.  But he already had it, a thick black leather blindfold.

“Yes,” Mistress murmured.  “You wouldn’t want her seeing you naked.  Or what you’re going to do to her.”

I tried to turn to Mistress, groaning through the gag, my eyes pleading for mercy.  But She wasn't feeling merciful, twisting my head to face the boy as he covered my eyes and reached behind my head, pushing his lanky body against mine so hard my boobs flattened on his chest and my hips wiggled around awkwardly, trying not to feel the cock pulsing against my crotch

Mouth gagged and eyes covered, I waited fearfully in the darkness.

Miraculously, I felt Mistress' hands unlocking the cuffs, freeing my burning wrists.  I could have kissed Her.  But then hard hands closed on my arms, tugging so I had to shuffle or fall, tugging me away from the stairs and safety.

Toward the post.

I grunted and gurgled into the gag, begging for release, but they backed me up against the rough wood, wrenching my arms up over my head and back.  While Mistress lashed my wrists to a ring on the back of the post, leaving all my breast meat nakedly displayed. 

To do whatever they wanted . . .

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