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Somewhere off to my side, my Mami is snuffling and crying.

Being blindfolded, I can’t see. There’s a loud slap. Then several more. The man - her “friend” - is cursing and grunting rhythmically. Kind of like he’s riding one of them mechanical bulls they have in bars.

But FUCK, I can’t even worry about Mami. My toes and thumbs hurt too much.

I’m lying face down on the bed, but he tied my thumbs with that leather cord and has them wrenched up behind my back toward the ceiling so hard my back is arched, my new big titty-balls hanging down in the air. The pain in my thumbs is sharp, like they’re gonna get torn off my hands if he don’t lemme down NOW. I squeal again against the sour-tasting ball thing he shoved in my mouth, trying to push it out with my tongue again, but the strap is REALLY tight around my head, and I just hurt my tongue.

That ain’t all. After he tied me up, he worked on my titty-nipples with his hard little fingers, squeezing and pinching and tugging and milking them until they stuck out all stiff and swollen and somehow NEEDY despite all that.

No time to think, though, ‘cause there’s my fucking TOES. Although my legs are on the bed, knees spread and tied to the sides so my coochie feels awful exposed, he yanked the toe cord down TIGHT so it feels like my toes are being pulled out of their sockets, holding my poor feet twisted terribly.

“C’MERE, CUNT,” the man says in a harsh grunt.

My Mami is blubbering no no no nonononoononononNO but it comes out weird, like she’s has soapsuds in her mouth or something.

“Just DO IT,” the man says, his voice stern. “You REALLY don’t want ME to do it, cuntface. I wanna see you lay that hose across that cute little bottom like you MEAN it.”

Suddenly his hands are on my breasts again, and I jerk and wobble but can’t stop him from pinching down on my buzzing nubs so hard I jerk against the cords, grunting and begging stupidly through the gag.

“Oh yeah,” he says, just as Mami begs him again “NOOOOOOOOOOoooooo”.

“DOIT!” he yells at her, his hands yanking my boobies so hard I shriek long and high pitched.

Behind me, there’s a flat WHUP sound, and a searing pain across my bottom makes me gasp for breath, then scream, my body jerking and flopping like a wild thing despite yanking on toes and thumbs.

“Maybe next time I tie YOU up and fuck HER, hunh, you piece of filthy trash whore.” Something big and firm is rubbing against my lips where they’re all stretched out around the ball.

“Nooooo por favor!” I hear Mami say, her voice tight and shaky.

The thing pushes harder against my lips, my cheeks, my nose. Against my blindfolded eyes. I’m blubbering with the burning pain across my ass, hoping that’s the end of it.

“Maybe I start right now. What you think, you worthless puta? Take this gag out and let your baby use her sweet lips on my cock. Wouldn’t be the first time, would it?”

NOOOOOOooooooo I try to scream through my tears. I haven’t! I won’t! But it sounds all garbled, and he pays no attention. Mami is pleading with him too, telling him all the sick things she’ll let him do to her instead. Her hand caresses my ass, where the pain is kind of echoing back and forth from cheek to cheek, making my butt shiver, clenching and releasing.

His fingers clamp down on my nipples, and I howl spit and high-pitched squeals around the gag. He lets go, but my teats keep on buzzing, strange waves of feeling echoing between my legs.

“Tell you what,” the man says, sounding like he’s grinning evilly. “I’m gonna sit right here and watch, and you gonna whip that hot little ass until I cum. I wanna see you put some muscle into it, make that ole hose disappear into them fine fleshballs, ya hear me? Turn the whole assfuck into a red and purple mess.”

I hear him dragging a chair over next to the bed.

“On the other side, ya fucking STUPID WHORE, yer blockin’ the view!” he barks.

In the darkness of the blindfold and gag, I wait, tensing my ass in fear.


My little ass explodes in pain, as if the hose had cut down through my flesh and hit the bones. My body thrashes uncontrollably on the bed, trying to drive my crotch right through it to get away. Making my little ass bounce back up - to receive another searing cut.


Somewhere, a girl’s voice is screaming “MAAAAAAAAAMI”


A man’s voice, grunting thickly.


*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *

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