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It isn’t me.  Yet.

But my Mistress is watching closely, observing how they Dom has cute little Darling, she of the big tits, stand on a little box before binding her arms to the crossbar so she’s forced to hang by the ropes gripping her soft upper arms, making her hanging body writhe slowly, despite her trying to stay still.  Even the pros are just fucking female bodies.

The crotch rope goes on next, pulled up behind her and tied off, the rough rope disappearing into her sobbing cunt as the bare legs kick feebly, dancing as her toes press down on the box, trying to lift her weight off the unyielding rope.

They pause when my Mistress orders me to strip.  Nervously, I pull my few things off and stand  there trying to cover my boobs and cunnie, but She briskly makes me sit on a chair facing the frame.  Quickly ties my wrists and ankles together behind the chair.  I moan a little with fear - and get a huge red ball gag in my mouth, forcing me to sit there with tears beginning to drip down my cheeks.  Darling looks at me without caring, worried enough about what they’re going to do to her, I guess.  Maybe a little envious of my boobs?

My Mistress pulls up a chair next to me, dropping her hand into my exposed crotch possessively - and lays a short, heavy leather tawse across my shivering thighs.

The man starts in on the poor slut again, noosing her boobs, yanking the ropes tight so they stick out like bullets, and my own udders jiggle nervously in sympathy, my nipples swelling and needy.  Bigger than hers, too.

The Dom steps in front of Darling, his hands doing something to her protruding teats that makes her gasp and shake her head.  I grunt through my gag and he turns, as if seeing me for the first time, stalks over and gently squeezes my boobs, milking my buzzing nipples until I’m groaning through the gag and jerking against the ropes with the waves of pleasure.  My Mistress’ fingers splay my moist cunt open, forcing my clit to stand out like a tiny pink penis.  But She doesn’t touch it, no matter how I whine and squirm and thrust.  Pleasure and pain are so close - just a little one way or the other.

The man swaggers back to Darling, who whimpers in fear.  He puts his hands on her tits again, squeezing until she begins yelping for real.

Then kicks the box out from under her.

The ropes squeak as her weight bears down relentlessly on her arms and cunt, and Darling begins crying, her nice bare legs dancing as she tries to reach the floor.  The man wastes no time in roping her ankles and spreading them apart to the frame, so we can all see the cruel rope disappearing into her spread open cunt.  Can feel her desperation as her soft stuff is brutally rubbed by the rough, dry hemp.

Standing in front of her, the man again squeezes her nipples, twisting slowly until Darling’s body begins bucking against the ropes.

“Ropes hurting ya now, fuckface?”, emotionless.

She moans a little, and he moves behind her, tightening the cunt rope so her eyes bug out, her mouth dropping open in a silent scream as her legs strain against the ropes, desperate for relief that won’t come for a long time.

Satisfied that Darling is as uncomfortable as He wants - at least for now - the Dom comes and sits next to me.  His hands rove over me, making me groan into the gag and jerk against the ropes - again unable to get a rub on my needy clittie.

He looks across me at my Mistress, but I manage to keep my eyes forward, though I REALLY want to know what they are about.  She gives a little laugh.  Says “Mine against yours?” and I think he nods.  Gets up and moves behind me somewhere.

My Mistress picks up the tawse and rises, running it through Her fingers as She steps behind me.  Lets me know She’s there by draping the tawse down across my bare breasts, letting it tease the helplessly stiff nipples.  Slides the tawse lower, the leather roughing my cunt but STILL not touching my pink bud, though I writhe and twitch trying to get it.

The tawse disappears, but Her hand cups my tit possessively, and I feel a sudden rush of love for Her.  Watch the man step up to Darling, a heavy leather strap dangling from his fist, his other hand groping her bare, spread thighs.

Stepping back, he whips the strap across Darling’s quivering thigh.

Just before the pain slashes horribly across my own naked, stretched back thigh.  And I start heaving and writhing and blubbering, naked and totally helpless.

*.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *

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