The Twisted Mind of Tina B

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Not every day is a punishment day, I think, as I grunt and choke inside the tight head wrap, trying to get used to the huge ball wrenching my mouth open. And to the hard edge of the table that makes me oh so aware of the udders dangling nakedly off the edge. Untouched. 

Behind, the hands claw at the wrist binding as they always do. Not being a good little subbie, but being tied up turns me until a scared little girl again. Terrified at what they may do to me. Desperate to escape. But helpless.

The legs are tied down to the other end of the table, holding me precisely here, despite the searing cane cut across the thighs that makes them struggle against the lashings. Makes the girly fuckbody's ass bunch, quivering.

The neck is already tiring, so the sightless head wavers up and down. Again, not like a well-trained submissive. But in this moment I'm just a normal girl, tied up to face her own nightmares, alone in the silence.

*.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *

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