The Twisted Mind of Tina B

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The braying, cow-like sounds echo in the cold concrete cellar. 


Held open by the hard steel ring, the slut's mouth can make no other sounds. Cannot speak, cannot beg, though it tries. 

The eyes, blinded by the tight tape, cannot see, cannot know what they are preparing. 

Sounds of things metal being dropped onto a table. Other, perhaps softer things. 

Bound so it cannot move, the cunt's body shivers from time to time as hands assess it. 

GuuuuuuUUUUUUHK the mouth says as fingers tighten on a nipple, twisting it almost all the way around. 


*.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *.    *

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